Collection: Suspension Systems

Suspension accessories are for the customer who wants to build a suspension unique to themselves. From bracketry to total DIY kits. We have something to take your rig to the next level. 

3 Link and 4 Link Brackets and Tabs

Barnes control arm brackets come at the standard 50k tensile strength and our custom 100 k tensile strength for a lighter, strong product that will resist bolt holes becoming deformed, even under the harshest conditions. Barnes coil spring brackets come in two different diameter coil bucket sizes of 5 1/2” and 7” diameter and in both centered and offset configurations.

We also offer Rockwell link brackets for heavy duty applications, trackbar mounting brackets with multiple mounting hole locations, and suspension tabs in multiple lengths.

Suspension Parts Related Products

Not sure just what you will need for your 3 link suspension or 4 link suspension swap? Check our link suspension kits and let us remove the guess work. Be sure to search our full line of Enduro Joints, Heims, and Hardware, threaded bungs, jam nuts, and high misalignment spacers to finish out your DIY link suspension project.

Installation Tips

  • If you are using a Heim joint or rod end bearing with a 7/8” or smaller threaded shank, you will need the 2” brackets.
  • If you are using our Enduro joints or a Heim joint with a 1 1/4”-12 threaded shank, you will need the 2 5/8” mounting width.