Our Story

Since 2006, Barnes 4WD has been a leader in the off-road industry. We do our best to consistently innovate and keep our business in the USA. We thank the Lord and our highly valued customers for letting us do a job we love.

Meet The Crew

How Do You Install A DIY Link Kit?

  • Ken "Dr. Deathwobble" Farley

    "I'm really happy with the axle truss I ordered. That thing is pure beef. Went on really nice and definitely strengthened up the front end. Thanks guys!"

  • Ben "JK G&G" Ertel

    "Quality is great, welds are beautiful, and everything fit perfectly. Definitely satisfied with my rigs performance."

  • Trey Williams

    "Barnes 4WD has great customer service and shipping. My heims lasted my two years, I think that's a value buy!"

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