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  • Flush Mount Lower Triangulated Four Link Bracket
  • Flush four link mount
  • Flush mounted 4 link bracket
  • flush mounted four link
  • four link brackets
  • Four link dimensions
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Barnes 4WD

Flush Mount Lower Triangulated 4 Link Bracket

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If you are looking to have a dual triangulated four link suspension then this is the bracket for your project. Our Flush Mount Lower Triangulated 4 Link Bracket is cut from ¼ A-572 Plate and is made to take tons of abuse. What makes our bracket different from our completion is that our bracket does not hang down any lower than the tube that it is welded. This allows you to keep your flat belly and not have an anchor hanging down right in the center of your rig! This bracket is cut so that it will self align to a 2 5/8 mounting width and a 20 degree with 9/16" bolt hole.