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Barnes 4wd

Offset Axle Panhard Bracket 1/4"

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This is our idea of the correct way to make an Offset Panhard / Trackbar bracket, it seems like 3 out of 4 need to be on the leading edge of the axle for clearance issues. The center of the heim will be 5-5/8, 6-5/8 or 7-5/8 inches vertically from the center of the axle tube and 3.5" forward of the center of the axle tube. They are cut to fit a 3" axle tube so they can be modified to fit any tube diameter, fabricated from 1/4" plate, and bent perfectly so you don't have to play with the grinder to make them fit! They have two drain holes built in. These are setup for a 2" ID and have 5/8 inch bolt holes so just about any heim will fit with minimal misalignment.