Collection: Leaf Spring Suspension Parts

Easy and affordable ways to have a reliable leaf sprung rig. From simple spring perches to total leaf sprung axle swap kits, we have the parts to take your rig to the next level.

Affordable Off Road Leaf Spring Suspension Parts

Why Choose a Leaf Spring Suspension

Perfect if you’re upgrading to a stronger axle or lengthening your wheel base, Barnes has all of the leaf spring suspension parts you need to get the job done right the first time… and without breaking the bank. Plus, you have so many option for leaf springs, from the 63” super flex Chevy springs to the Dodge Dakota springs that give you killer departure angles and so many more that have great characteristics.

High Quality Parts for Your Leaf Spring Suspension

Barnes’s line of leaf spring suspension parts includes:

  • Anti-Wrap Leaf Spring Perches in a variety of sizes and widths
  • Leaf Spring Shackle hangers available in multiple sizes and configurations that allow you to mount as close to the end of the frame as possible for maximum departure angle. Shackle hangers have thick-walled tubing for center sleeve that won’t bend and warp.
  • Heavy duty Shackles and Lift Shackles in straight or offset and in three different lengths
  • U-Bolts are 5/8”-diameter and include extra thick washers and tall nuts
  • U-Bolt Plates made from 3/8” thick steel for strength and durability
  • A variety of other suspension parts, including an Anti-Wrap Traction Bar Kit that works to prevent axle wrap while giving you maximize articulation

Questions about Barnes’s Leaf Spring Parts?

If you have questions about our high quality leaf spring suspension parts or any of Barnes fabricated parts, please call us at (828) 551-7616 or email