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Barnes 4WD

Leaf Spring Frame Outriggers

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Frame outriggers are a great addition to our product line up. When you are installing full width one ton axles on a vehicle that has a narrow frame like a jeep or land cruiser you will find that the leaf spring mounting width on the axle is wider than the frame on your rig. These frame out riggers allow you match the width of the axle leaf spring mounts to your frame to make a full width axle swap a breeze. As always we designed these brackets to have the most functionality of any on the market. You will notice that one end of the bracket the support tab is bent to give you a flush mounting surface to the end of your frame. This allows you to easily stretch your wheel base by letting you mount your leaf spring as close to the end of the frame as possible. The other end of the bracket is it bent at an angle to maximize welding surface and distribute the load over a larger area. These brackets also work great for link suspensions as well. You can mount one on the inside of your frame and point the outrigger up. This gives you a larger area to mount an upper control arm bracket to the frame and gain vertical separation. Our frame outriggers are made from ¼ steel and give you four inches of mounting surface front to back and five inches of total width. Sold in Pairs.