Brad's JK

Brad, our owner, has an affinity for all things orange. His choice in rigs is no exception. Brad turned this sport into a bonified rubicon. However, she's still got some sweet hand crank windows.

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Clayton's LJ

Clayton was originally an XJ guy. After years of being a unibody owner, he decided it was time to purchase something with a frame. Got a low tire? Give him a call, he'll make any excuse to fire up his Warn Powerplant.

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AJ's Fummins

As if an gigantic OBS isn't manly enough, AJ decided to swap a 5.9L Cummins engine into this beast. This truck takes nissan altimas straight to gapplebees.

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Riley's TJ

Riley found this beauty of a TJ Rubicon. He brought it to the shop the next day and it already had a fuel cell in it. He looked us all dead in the eye's and said "I ain't playing around with this one."

He in fact was not playing around.

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