Riley's TJ

She Was So Innocent

Riley brought home this gem of a rubicon. It even still smelled like the assembly line in Ohio. But Riley had a vision, we just couldn't see it yet. He was going to build this thing into a serious rock crawler.

  • Fuel Cell

    With plans on stretching it, Riley immediately put a fuel cell in the rear of his TJ. Some carpet was harmed by gasoline during the installation of this product.

  • Axles

    With the TJ already being a Rubicon, Riley had some pretty decent axles from the factory. So, he opted to just beef up his stock Dana 44's with our trusses and chromoly shafts.

  • Suspension

    Coincendentally, we were developing a TJ/LJ link system and needed to do some real world testing. Riley's TJ fit the bill perfectly.

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Jeep Wrangler TJ and LJ Link Suspension Kit
  • 24 Hours Of Uwharrie

    Riley and AJ entered into the 24 hours of Uwharrie race. Here you see Riley vigorously attacking a puddle.

  • Laser Focus

    Helmet on, tires flexed, arm out the window. Not only is this how Riley wheels, but it's how he gets single moms to swoon over him.

  • Windrock

    Riley and Windrock park have a love/hate relationship. Sometimes, he wheels victoriously. Other times, he rips his mirror off.