Connor's Comanche

Humble Beginnings

Connor looked for months for a Comanche that was in good running condition with good bones. He found this Comanche Chief in Alabama. One owner, 4.0L, 4x4, and a 5 speed. He knew this was the one. So, him and Matt (one of our engineers) loaded up and headed south.

  • Armor

    With slim options, Connor and the muff cuts crew set out to build custom sliders, and a rear bumper for the truck to protect the rare body panels from the rocks.

  • Axles

    Within a few months of owning the truck, Connor grenaded the Dana 35 in the rear of the truck. So, he immediately axle swapped it with a Dana 44 from a TJ and a Ford 8.8 rear end. Locked front and rear.

  • Accessories

    To increase the stability and overall safety of the truck. A set of Corbeau racing seats were installed in the truck. Along with a 6in custom long arm to run 37in tires.

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Enduro Three Link AssembledEnduro Joint Three Link Suspension DIY Kit

Connor's Comanche is outfitted with our Enduro Joint 3 Link Kit. This kit includes our popular Enduro Joints, tube inserts, tubing, and jam nuts.

The rear is running the stock comanche leaf spring pack, and has been converted to spring over with our 8.8 solid axle swap kit.

After being asked to join KC HiLites at overland expo west, Connor decided to take his Jeep to the next level and repaint it. With being unhappy with a vinyl wrap he attempted, he figured this was a great excuse to pull the trigger.

  • Moab, UT

    Since "finishing" the truck, Connor has been all over the country with it. Here it is on the Top Of The World Trail in Moab, Utah. Accompanied by some familiar faces.

  • Johnson Valley, CA

    There was some hard wheeling and body damaged done in Johnson Valley. This is where Connor realized he at least needed a 4:1 transfer case if he was going to wheel a 5 speed.

  • Traverse City, MI

    Connor, Riley, and Clayton made the long trip to Traverse City Michigan (basically Canada). Here, there were donuts done, friends made, and fun had.

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  • KC HiLites

    Night time's worst night mare.

  • Midnight Metalworks

    The lowest of low gears.

  • Warn Industries

    Stuck? We'll see about that.

  • BFGoodrich Tires

    Air 'em down, she'll get up it.

  • Method Race Wheels

    Lighter, Stronger, Better Looking.

  • Corbeau Seats

    Seats that make you go "ahhh".