Collection: Fabrication

A line of fabrication parts that keeps you from having to spend time doing it yourself. From battery boxes to tube flanges, we've got something for you. Made 100% in the USA.

Custom 4x4 Fabrication

Whether you’re looking for tube flanges so you can unbolt your shock tower support or a 4-bolt flange for a removable roll cage, Barnes’s custom line of fabrication parts has what you need to get your project done efficiently and correctly. Barnes poly bushings and poly bushing kits, made from poly instead of rubber for increased longevity, are one of our best-selling products, perfect for a variety of off road applications. Or select from our other quality DIY parts like DOM tubing, battery boxes for maximum mounting angle flexibility, tube flanges, nuts and bolts, and more.

High Quality Off Road Kits and Parts from Barnes

From DOM tubing for the DIYer to 4 link suspension kits with all the parts you need packaged together, start and finish your off road project with quality parts from Barnes. If you have questions about any of Barnes fabricated parts, email