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Barnes 4wd

1 3/4" Interlocking Tube Coupling

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If you are building a cage or any other type of tube work that you need to be removable our interlocking tube couplings are a great option.  These tube couplings will work great for roll cages, removable engine cages, exo cages or any other tube work that you might need to be able to remove on your jeep, rock crawler, side by side, etc.  This coupling is designed to be used with 1.75 O.D. diameter tubing with a .120" wall (1.5" I.D.), it is made from steel and ready to be welded to your project.  The two halves of the coupling are designed to interlock so the bolts do not take all of the stress, making this a much stronger design than other couplings on the market.  You will receive enough parts to make one joint (two coupling halves and 2 3/8" x 1" bolts).