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Barnes 4WD

Traction Bar Kit With 1 1/4" Heim Joints

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If you have a diesel and are experiencing wheel hop, building a pulling truck, or just looking for the strongest traction bars that you can get, Barnes 4wd has you covered with our Traction Bar Kit.  Heavy duty pickup trucks are making more power from the factory now than ever before and after adding a few aftermarket parts they can make even more power and getting all this power to the ground can be an issue.  As the power is suddenly transferred to the rear tires, the rear axle housing wants to rotate up the opposite direction of the tires, when the tires finally turn to move the truck the housing rotates back down, this vicious cycle will repeat itself until everything equalizes out, this is known as wheel hop.  Wheel hop can lead to bent or broken springs, loss of traction and an entire array of other issues, our kit is one of the best ways to prevent all of these issues.  This is a complete kit that includes all the parts that you will need to do the install on your truck, welding is required, all parts will come unfinished and will need to be painted, powder coated, etc. 

Kit Contents:
  • 2       4 ft long sections of 1 3/4 O.D. X 1 1/2 I.D. X 1/8 wall D.O.M. tubing 
  • 4       1 1/4" Heim Joints
  • 8       9/16" Misalignment Spacers
  • 4       1 1/4" Tube Inserts
  • 4       1 1/4" Jam Nuts
  • 2       Axle Link Mount Brackets
  • 2       Frame Link Mount Brackets
  • 4       9/16" X 4" Grade 8 bolts with lock-nuts