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  • JK Rear Lower Control Arm Mount Skid
  • JK Rear Control Arm Mount Skid Installed
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Barnes 4WD

JK Rear Lower Control Arm Mount Skid

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Barnes 4wd is proud to introduce our JK rear lower control arm mount skids, these are the paramount in underbody protection for your Jeep Wrangler JK. The JK is an ideal off road platform, several of the shortcomings of the earlier model Wranglers have been addressed, however there are still a few parts that need protection from obstacles on the trail, the rear lower control arm and shock mount is a perfect example of this. The lower control arm and shock mount brackets are several inches lower than the axle tubes on the JKs, and are made from very thin sheet metal, when they come into contact with rocks and other debris they are prone to bending and the rear shocks can be damaged very easily, our skids are the perfect solution, and address all of these issues. Unlike other company s designs our brackets are laser cut and precision formed from one piece of our 3/16 thick steel, what this means is you will get stronger skids than what the competition offers, lighter, more abrasion resistant, less prone to bending and deformation, and much needed reinforcement of your factory brackets. Our skids will also protect your shocks, this is a feature that is missing from many other designs that only reinforce the front of the control arm bracket. Drain holes have also been integrated in several key areas to minimize the buildup of debris that can promote rust over time. You will receive on pair of skids for the left and right, and welding is required for installation.