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  • JK 14 Bolt Swap Tone Rings
  • JK 14 Bolt ABS Sensor Bracket
  • JK GM 14 Bolt Swap Tone Ring
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JK 14 Bolt Swap Tone Rings

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Looking for the parts to complete your GM 14 Bolt Swap in your Jeep JK? When doing an axle swap on your Jeep JK it is important that you get the information that the computer is looking for to help eliminate codes and limp mode issue. These tone rings and ABS sensor brackets are designed to do just that. The kit will come with 2 Tone rings 2 ABS sensor brackets and a hole saw drill jig. These tone rings are designed to only be used with a GM 14 Bolt (AAM 10.5) rear axle out of a 1999-2006 GM single rear wheel 2500 or 3500 tuck with factory disk brakes going into a 2007-2018 Jeep JK or JKU. The kit will reuse the factory rear ABS sensors and wiring. 

It is important that you match the tone ring tooth count to the front axle that you have in your Jeep JK. 1999-Present Super duty dana 60 will have 60 tooth tone rings. Factory JK or aftermarket axles will have 52 tooth tone rings.

Machining of the 14 Bolt Hubs is required. 

An optional tuner may be required to adjust axle ratio and and tire size. 60 tooth tone rings may cause the speedometer to be off 1-3%.