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Barnes 4WD

Jeep TJ Rear Axle Brackets (Dana 60 and Ford 8.8)

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Barnes 4wd is proud to offer our Jeep TJ rear axle bracket kit, this is for the do it yourself folks that want to swap the rear axle in their Jeep TJ or LJ.  This is a complete kit that comes with all the brackets needed to swap a different rear axle into your Jeep, all brackets are cut to fit a 3 1/4" axle tube (Dana 60 or Ford 8.8) but will fit other size tubes with minor modification. This kit is designed to maintain all factory mounting locations and is suitable to use with most aftermarket lift kits. 

Contents of the kit include:

If you are swapping a Ford 8.8 we also offer a bracket kit with a truss here.

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