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Barnes 4WD

Jeep TJ Front Frame Track Bar Bracket

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This is our Jeep TJ/LJ front frame double shear track bar bracket.  The factory track bar bracket on a TJ is a single shear design and puts a massive amount of stress on the frame, they have even been know to tear loose from the frame under certain conditions.  This bracket is designed to distribute the load over a larger area of the frame, it also changes the track bar mounting to a double shear design instead of single shear making the mounting location much stronger.  The tabs are designed to be welded to the bracket at an angle, this will keep your track bar joint in a neutral position at ride height.  All components of this bracket are fabricated from 1/4 inch steel for the ultimate in strength.  This bracket will position the center of the track bar joint 3-1/2 inches below the bottom of the frame.  The mounting hole in the bracket is 9/16 inch and the mounting width of the bracket is adjustable from 1 inch to 2-5/8 inch.  This bracket will not work with a factory track bar, an adjustable aftermarket track bar with a joint that is capable of being mounted in a double shear configuration is required.