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Jeep JK GM 14 Bolt One Ton Axle Truss Swap Kit

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We designed our Jeep JK GM 14 bolt swap kit to make it easy for you to put a one ton GM 14 Bolt in the back of your 2007-2018 Jeep JKU or JK.  This kit is designed to work with a GM 14 bolt (AAM 10.5) rear axle out of a 1999-2006 GM single rear wheel 2500 or 3500 pickup .  All parts of this kit are keyed to the truss, making installation a breeze.  Simply center the truss and set the angle, and all other components will locate off from the truss.  This kit includes all of the needed suspension brackets to install a 14 bolt under your Jeep JK, welding is required.

All parts of truss are keyed to fit together, for ease of installation and minimal measuring!

Installation Notes:
-This kit will not work with the older non "ribbed" 14 bolt housings
-The lug pattern on the 14 bolt is 8x6.5 this will not match the factory lug pattern on your Jeep.
-Brake lines, driveshaft, ABS, and vent tube modifications are the responsibility of the end user.
-This kit requires a 14 bolt with a WMS-WMS of at least 68”. This axle is found in 1999-2006 GM 2500 and 3500 single rear wheel trucks. This is the newer style “ribbed” housing, this kit will not work with the older 14 bolt housing. 

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