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  • Jeep Wrangler JK Front Suspension Drop Brackets
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Jeep JK Front Control Arm Geometry Correction Brackets

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If you are looking to improve the suspension geometry, braking, handling characteristics, and overall ride quality of your Jeep Wrangler JK or JKU, our geometry correction bracket kit is just what you need.  This kit is designed to relocate the frame side mounting locations of you front upper and lower control arms, resulting in axle travel similar to the stock path.  This reduces the operating angle of the control arms, which translates into a factory like ride quality even when lifted.  Front axle caster is also corrected, eliminating wandering steering and giving you the ability to retain your stock front control arms.  Since the control arms are relocated to lessen the angle, your Jeep will no longer have the tendency to "nose down" while braking, due to the anti-dive being greatly improved.  Beware of inferior kits on the market that are made from much thinner steel, we manufacture the brackets in this kit from heavy duty 1/4 inch thick steel for increased strength and longevity.  All installation hardware is high strength grade 8, and the entire kit is bolt on, no drilling or welding is required.  The brackets in this kit will ship bare and will need to be painted or powder coated during installation.  This kit is designed to fit all Jeep Wrangler JK 2 door and JKU Unlimited 4 door models.  This product is designed to be used on vehicles that have 2-5 inches of suspension lift installed.

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