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Barnes 4WD

Inner Tube Stiffener

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If you are tired of bending suspension links, and steering linkages, our inner tube stiffener is the solution for you.  We designed our stiffeners to be used with DOM tubing, or any other tubing with a 1 inch or 1-1/2 inch inner diameter.  Manufactured from 1/4 inch thick steel, this is a great way to add extra strength to any linkage without adding unnecessary weight.  You will receive two 47 inch long pieces that interlock and will need to be welded together, for shorter links the stiffener can be cut down after welding.  The stiffener will then be slid into your tubing and need to be plug welded at a few locations to join the tubing and the stiffener together.  This kit will include enough components to reinforce one section of tubing 47 inches long.  Installation will require welding.