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  • Hex Capture Washer 1/2"
  • Hex Capture Washer Welded
  • 3/4" Hex
  • 13/16" Hex
  • 7/8" Hex
  • 15/16" Hex
  • 1-1/8" Hex
  • 1-5/16" Hex
  • 1-1/2" Hex
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Barnes 4WD

Hex Capture Washers

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These hex capture washers are a great way to keep a bolt or nut from spinning on your rig. Simply weld the washer in place around the outer edge for a strong permanent capture. Select the size of the hex cutout in the drop down that best fits the bolt head or nut for your application. These washers are cut in-house from 3/16" steel and will ship bare, ready to be welded.

Most standard bolt heads and nuts will have the following hex size:
1/2" Bolt and Nut- 3/4" Hex
9/16" Bolt- 13/16" Hex
9/16" Nut- 7/8" Hex
5/8" Bolt and Nut- 15/16" Hex
3/4" Bolt and Nut- 1-1/8" Hex
7/8" Bolt and Nut- 1-5/16" Hex
1" Bolt and Nut- 1-1/2" Hex

*Measure your bolt head or nut to insure proper size hex.*