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GM 1 Ton Reamer 7.15 degree (1.5 inch per ft)

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One ton tie rod ends are a great upgrade but usually your pitman arm or knuckles will have to be reamed to accept the larger taper that these tie rod ends require.  This reamer will allow you to make the proper 7.15° or 1.5" per ft taper in your steering components.  This is also the reamer that you need to make a deeper taper for the GM high angle tie rod ends (ES2026, ES2027).  This reamer has 3 flats machined in the shank for use in a drill chuck.

.812 inch max diameter

.530 inch minimum diameter

Some notes on using a reamer:
This reamer is manufactured from high speed steel, this is a very hard material.  This allows the tool to maintain a good cutting edge if used properly, however high speed steel is also very brittle.  Any cutting tool is susceptible to heat and chatter, either one will ruin your reamer in short order.  We recommend a maximum of 100 RPM, large amounts of quality cutting oil, and it is extremely important to keep the reamer straight and centered in the hole you are reaming.  Never run your reamer backwards (counter clockwise) this will dull the cutting edges.  If you follow the above guidelines, your reamer will give you years of service.     

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