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Barnes 4WD

Frenched Shock Tower Pair

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Barnes 4WD Frenched shock towers are great way to get your Air shocks, Coilovers or ORI struts out boarded so they can work to their full potential. These shock towers are made from ¼ steel. Sure we could have made them out of 3/16 and saved some money but we did not feel that would withstand the abuse that rigs are now seeing. These Shock towers measure 16 long so you can mount them in just the right height for your shock length and ride height and then cut off the extra. Our design allows you to weld in the shock tabs for a double shear mount at you desired shock mounting width. For any additionally needed strength you can our large gusset to each side of the shock tower. Most customers find that our Behind The Axle Shock Bracket is the best fit for this shock tower. These shock towers are sold in pairs. Our standard shock tower is 15.25" from the center of the bolt hole to the bottom of the tower and the long measures 17.75"