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  • 36in Single Shock Trailing Arm Pair
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Barnes 4WD

DIY 36" Single Shock Trailing Arm Kit

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Barnes 4WD is proud to introduce our D.I.Y. 36" Single Shock Trailing Arm Kit! This kit comes with all the parts you need to make two trailing arms that measure 36" from bolt hole to bolt hole. The shock will mount 1/2" below the center-line of the link to help prevent the shock from twisting the link. The shock mounts 11" from the axle mount. On the frame side of the trailing arm is our 3" wide poly bushing and on the axle side is our Magnum Series heim for maximum thread engagement. Simply select the bolt hole size for the poly bushings, 1-1/4" or 7/8" Right-Handed Magnum Heim, and the correct misalignments. This kit will come with (2) 1/2"-13 x 3-1/4" bolts, (4) 1/2" washers, and (2) 1/2"-13 nylock nuts to mount the shock or coilover.

Our trailing arm is easily pieced together with tabs and slots. The very center of the link is a 1/4" piece of steel that runs the whole length of the link. The shock saddle gusset that keys into the center support structure is made from 3/16" steel. There are three brace pieces made of 3/16" steel that also keys into the center support structure. The center support, the shock saddle gusset, and the cross-braces are all encapsulated with two pieces of 3/16" steel that easily keys to the center support structure. The outer 3/16" shells also have slots to allow the cross-braces to key into them tying everything together. Once all these pieces are welded together, we designed a skid out of 11 gauge steel that runs from the heim all the way to the DOM sleeve and going up both sides of the trailing arm. There are 2 drain holes on both sides to easily clean out the shock valley. All pieces will come bare steel ready to be assemble and welded together.

 *This kit requires welding*