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  • Behind The Axle Shock Bracket
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Barnes 4WD

Behind The Axle Shock Bracket

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Barnes 4WD behind the axle shock bracket is one of the most versatile shock brackets that we make. This shock brackets allows you to orient the shock bolt perpendicular to the axle tube to help prevent the shock from binding during suspension articulations and it allows you to run longer shocks by not having the shock directly on top of the axle tube. Even though we call this the Behind the Axle shock Bracket you can use it in front of the axle tube as well. You might notice that our bracket is meant to be welded above the axle center line. We do this so that you are not compromising ground clearance and still able to run longer shocks. This design also maximizes ground clearance when you need to rotate the shock bracket down the axle tube when your shocks are not mounted vertically.  The mounting width on this bracket is adjustable and the bolt hole is 1/2 inch.  These shock brackets are made of ¼ steel so they are more than strong enough for Coilovers or Air Shocks. Sold in pairs.