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  • 8x6.5" Pattern Jig Superduty (unit bearing not included)
  • Dana 60 Lug Pattern Conversion
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Barnes 4wd

05-UP Super Duty Dana 60 8x6.5" Drill Jig

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If you are looking to convert your 05-up Super Duty Dana 60 axle to an 8x6.5" lug pattern to match your 1 ton rear, we have you covered with our lug pattern drill jig.  We designed this drill jig with the end user in mind to insure ease of use and longevity.  Included with the jig is an industrial grade drill bushing to insure correct hole location, and the ability to use the jig several times to redrill multiple sets of bearings.  

  • Convert your 05-up Super Duty Dana 60 to 8x6.5" lug pattern
  • A hand drill can be used, but a drill press or milling machine is recommended
  • A 19/32" and a 13/16" drill bit is required
  • A shop press is required
  • Brake rotor holes will also need to be drilled out to 13/16"