Collection: Tube Inserts

Our tube inserts give you the ability to build links with ease. Beveled ends, precision machining, and the correct amount of threads in relation to the diameter of the tube insert are all aspects that we implemented for your convenience. They come in left and right hand thread and many different styles.

Heavy Duty Tube Inserts

Our line of 4WD threaded tube inserts in round include the following sizes:

Square Tube Threaded Inserts

If you’re looking for added cost savings, square tube inserts will help you keep the overall cost down on your link project. Tube inserts for square tubing do cost a little more to make but the cost of square tubing versus round DOM can save you as much as half on the cost of material. We offer two sizes in square: 7/8-14 Square Tube Inserts and 1 1/4-12 Square Tube Inserts, both for 1.5” ID tube.

Installation Tips for Weld in Tube Inserts

When installing tube inserts, here are some tips to ensure a proper weld joint is made to provide a lasting link.
  • Clean the tubing you are using to bare shiny metal within ½” from where the weld will be using either a flap disc or grinding stone.
  • Grind a bevel into the end of the tube to match the tube insert. This allows for a better penetrating weld.
  • Drill one or two 3/8” to 1/2” holes into the tubing about half way down the insert to allow for a plug weld.
  • When welding the insert, leave out your joint to avoid ruining the threads when you remove it after it cools.

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